custom-made creation

Have you ever dreamed of an armchair that would be yours and yours only? Maybe you have had numerous ideas and desires that the market could not respond to? Together, we can create the armchair of your dreams.  Before actually making the chair, we can create a simulation on software to give you a glimpse of the overall look.


sitso_2009_csm_1_copyright_sitsoOne of my clients, Hélène, wanted to finish off her contemporary interior design with two armchairs, traditionally based but with a modern twist. Together, we discussed her tastes and wishes. I suggested a few chair structures where the wood was particularly apparent, as well as suggesting material and wood colours.



Hélène said: “As soon as my armchairs arrived, I was impressed. They immediately fitted in with the rest of my lounge and added to its character. I would never have found chairs like these in a store. They make the room unique.”